iFloats Stainless Steel D-Ring Kit

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iFloats Stainless Steel D Ring Kit

Product Description

The iFloats D Ring kit anchors your floating item and prevents it from floating away. The kit comprises two stainless steel D Rings, a bolt kit, and a bushing to which the D Rings are attached. As the name suggests, it is a D-shaped ring with solid harnessing properties. The sturdy stainless steel material improves its strength and durability.

Thanks to its bolt kit and bushing, you can use the D Ring Kit in various applications or environments. It is compatible with marine, transportation, and webbing applications.

The iFloats D Ring Kit is easy to install and can be installed in various positions or angles. You can mount your D Ring Kit anywhere to establish an anchor point for your cargo reinforcement setup.

Key Features

  • Two Stainless Steel D Rings: The Stainless Steel D Ring Kit is built to last and is suitable for all heavy-duty applications, and it helps to guarantee user safety at all times.
  • Sturdy Bolt Kit and Bushing: These components ensure easy attachment to the D rings for proper anchorage. They are easy to install at different angles depending on your requirement. It can serve as a strong and multipurpose anchor for your use.
  • Multiple Anchor Points: The possibility of attaching more anchor points increases the usefulness of the iFloats D Rings. Purchase more of this component to take advantage of this feature.
  • Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel: The kit is made of stainless steel with a passive layer on its surface, protecting it from corrosion and other chemical reactions that can cause deterioration in its quality.


  • Efficient and durable anchorage
  • Flexible installation and removal
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Compatible with different products with uncompromised efficiency
  • Efficient attachment point for straps
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