About Us

Our family has spent a fortune buying the latest inflatable waters toys over the years at a price of $300-$1500 each for a short life expectancy, many not lasting even one summer season. We started seeing a multitude of different water pads and floats on the market made from various materials but still they were not built of quality. We have a big family and when it comes to fun we like to play hard.

We decided to engineer a better aquatic mat that could withstand our family and friends and last for many years to come. We call our creation, “iFloats”.

iFloats can be used on any open body of water to float down a river, lounge in the sun or the latest alternative use as an exercise mat; the versatility of our iFloats is endless. Our iFloats have a superior tensile strength due to the patented center inner core and its increase buoyancy 8 – 16% due to its 1-1/2 inch thickness. We have also developed a lanyard bungee system that will withstand the beatings without ripping out of the float.

We hope you enjoy iFloats for many years to come, you know we will! Guaranteed!