4 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy the iFloats on the Water

4 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy the iFloats on the Water

iFloats is the number one distributor of some of the best floatation devices you can find on the internet. iFloats is the smart way to buy flotation devices for your home and outdoor activities. These devices are made from specialized materials that keep them from developing holes or breaks in the seam. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy iFloats for fun and safety on the water.

Comes in Large Sizes that Are Easy to Transport

If you’ve seen some of the images of our products in action, you’ve noticed that anyone can enjoy relaxing on an iFloats mats while they’re being towed in the water. A part of this feature is related to the size of the rug, but it’s more than just the size. At iFloats, our devices use a high flotation closed-cell foam that makes the mat perfect for using, even when it’s fresh on the water. All of our floats are 6 ft. wide, but the sizes range from 10 ft. to 100 ft.

Easy-to-Use Quality of Life Accessories

iFloats also comes with several features that make it easier for people to use. For example, how do you transport an iFloats device that unravels to be 600 sq ft.? Each iFloats comes with two Stainless Steel D Ring Straps for Storage and one Bungee Tether for Mooring & Anchoring.

In many of the photos of our product being used, it’s being towed in a way that people can still use the iFloats device. To accomplish this, you’ll have to get a heavy-duty towage rope. When an iFloats is appropriately secured, it’s possible to enjoy using your iFloats device, even when it’s being transported somewhere else.

iFloats Related Gift Ideas

iFloats also makes several online accessories that make these devices more fun for people to use. A vital example of this can be seen in the iFloats beverage pong set. Using the same material that makes our mats so durable, these devices stay in place and make great options for fun on the water. iFloats also creates accessories that can help people keep their iFloats devices in a particular spot. We have a sand anchor that can keep your iFloats device in place while you’re out on the water. Best of all, it’s a sand anchor, so you don’t have to fill it until you’re ready to use it. That’s one less massive thing to bring on your trip.

Where Can You Buy iFloats Devices?

The best place to buy an iFloats device is to get one from our online ordering system. By ordering online, you can ensure you get custom options and all of the sizes you might want for your iFloats device. When our mats reach sizes of 600 sq. Ft., trying to find an option that meets your needs by going to a store can be tricky. You can look at local stores nearby you that carry some of our product lines. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check our online offerings to find what you need.

There are many great reasons to buy an iFloats device and accessories from one of our stores. If you see anything in our store that you want to use for your next boating or pool trip, be sure to grab what you need from our store. And don’t forget, if you need something immediately, be sure to check our dealership page to find a location that’s nearby to sell you exactly what you need without having to wait. Send us a message online if you have any questions about our products or the things we sell.