Water Safety Rules You Need To Teach Your Children

Water Safety Rules You Need To Teach Your Children

One of the best ways for kids and adults to beat the heat of summer is by participating in water-based activities. Whether you are taking your children swimming in a pool or you are spending a day on the lake, keeping them safe should be your top priority. Some parents assume that their children know the dangers of being around water. In reality, a child will have to be taught how to approach the water with caution.

There are millions of water-related injuries and deaths in the United States each year. Rather than waiting until your child is involved in one of these accidents, you need to work on educating them to prevent these mishaps altogether. The following are some water safety rules you need to teach your children.

Always Ask Permission Before Entering the Water

Installing a pool is something most homeowners dream about. Turning this dream into a reality will require hard work and the help of pool installation professionals. One of the main things you need to be mindful of when having a new pool installed is keeping your children safe around it. Many pool-related accidents occur because a child goes into the water without their parent’s approval and supervision.

This is why the first water safety rule you need to teach your child is that they need to ask for permission before getting in the pool. Relaying the dangers that could arise without proper adult supervision is imperative when trying to drive this point home to your children. If your child is in the habit of asking for permission before getting in the water, they will be much safer around any body of water.

Wearing a Life Jacket is Important

Learning how to swim can be very exciting for a child. As you try to show your child the nuances of swimming properly, you need to keep them protected. Until your child learns how to swim well, you need to get them in the habit of wearing a life jacket. Some parents think that cheap arm floaties are just as good as an actual lifejacket. In reality, these floaties can provide a child with a false sense of security.

Going in and trying on a few different life jackets is imperative when trying to ensure a proper fit for your child. If your child is equipped with a durable life jacket, they can enjoy the water with a limited amount of risk.

Horseplay in Water is a Horrible Idea

Children can get extremely rambunctious at times. While play-fighting and horseplay are extremely common, they should be avoided in the water. One wrong move during a horseplay session can leave a child seriously injured. Teaching your children about the dangers of horseplay while swimming in a body of water can help you prevent accidents in the future.

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