Tips to Create a Backyard Pool Oasis

Tips to Create a Backyard Pool Oasis

Once the installation team leaves and all the noise and dirt are replaced with crystal clear, cool water, it’s time to dive in and enjoy your new pool. However, before losing yourself in the recently installed pool, you should consider a few other factors. After all, you want to turn this into a true oasis, right?

Try looking at your pool as the star of your backyard. Everything else – the landscaping, pool accessories, floats, and more are the supporting cast. These are the things that will help transform your yard into a true oasis.

Choose Your Aesthetic

Choosing the right aesthetic for your backyard oasis is the fun part. Your only limitation is your imagination and where you live. For example, where you live is going to impact some of the elements you can implement. Some great options that will work in almost any climate include natural materials and bright colors you would see at a luxurious tropical resort.

The same is true for your poolside décor. You can create a serene Grecian look or elegant spa atmosphere when choosing the right materials and elements.

Create Zones in Your Pool Area

When building your house and decorating it, every room has a set purpose. You should look at your pool area the same way. Try developing zones based on what you are going to do in each one. For example, you can have an area for eating, lounging, and for storing pool essentials, such as pool games and floats.

Make sure you use unique materials in each zone. For example, if you have a concrete pool deck, use tile or patio pavers in the dining or kitchen area. You can also create division with retailing walls and walkways. It will be easier to see the different zones, and people who visit will know what each zone is designed for.

Invest in Hardscaping Features

Hardscape features can be used in many ways in your pool area. For example, you can utilize boulders or statues for a unique look or add hedges, flower beds, and walls to show off certain areas. Other attractive options to consider include flagstones or patio pavers.

Add More Green

When it comes to your mental health, green is a good thing. So is enjoying a leisurely float around your pool on a quality float on a hot summer day. Research has proven that being out in nature can help ease cases of depression, anxiety, and stress. You can easily turn your pool area into a calming oasis by adding several green elements. Choose native plants to avoid having to care for them too much.

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information above in mind, which will help ensure your pool area is appealing and relaxing. Ensure you add the best quality pool toys and games to take full advantage of your pool area.