Add Floating Fun To Your Summer

Add Floating Fun To Your Summer

Summertime means spending time on the water with family and friends. If you are looking to add some excitement to this season's water activities, then look no further than the floating foam mat. This product by iFloats, the leading foam flotation producer in the world, is transforming how people spend their time on the open water. 

These large flat foam mats can be rolled out on any surface of water, keeping you afloat to enjoy an endless amount of fun. Durable enough to support standing, these foam mats are designed to be pliable yet sturdy, which means you can use them in practically any manner deemed fit for fun.

Enough Surface Area For Any Activity

iFloats foam mat's patented design is intended to give people the ability to lounge, play, or even exercise on top of the water's surface. Where traditional floats may allow a person to float on the water in a seated or lounging position, foam mats create enough surface area to allow multiple people comfortably. 

For this reason, foam mats are becoming the must have item of the summer for anyone who enjoys spending time in the water. Boaters can easily store the rolled mat on board as they head out on the open water, then place it out for use where desired. Once unrolled, the foam mat becomes the center of the day's fun.

Strong And Durable Support

Strong enough to support standing, jumping, and even exercises such as yoga, the floating mat is versatile to allow for multi-use. Imagine having a family picnic on top of the water in the middle of your favorite lake or lagoon. The mat can also give the kids a place to rest and play as the adults fish and swim nearby. 

Lounging or Playing

Adults will want to share in the fun on iFloats foam mat as well, congregating for cocktails, lounging with friends, or playing games with the family. The mat is strong enough for several adults to gather or even be towed behind a boat with its bungee tether. 

Made With Quality

The foam mat's strength comes from its closed cell foam high tensile center and ripstop core. This design allows it remain flat on the surface of the water until you want to roll it back up, making it dependable and safe for your water activity. 

This season, get more enjoyment from the water than ever before, let iFloats foam floating mat bring you endless possibilities for fun on the water's surface.