Benefits of Establishing Regular Days for Family Water Play

Benefits of Establishing Regular Days for Family Water Play

If you've been interested in establishing more family time on the water but weren't quite sure how to do so, it may be easier than you think. Often, public water access is within a few hours drive at most, and once you've made sure that your family knows about basic water safety, it's quite easy to make this family time a priority. There are numerous benefits to establishing this type of regular family water play, including the following:

Release Pent Up Energy

It's very common for children to be stuck indoors more frequently in the summer due to the higher temperatures, which can lead to pent up energy. Playing on and in the water is a great way to stay cool and regulate body heat while releasing pent up energy. If you're dealing with children and teens who are cranky from sitting around too much, it may be time to schedule a day of active water play with various flotation devices so that they can begin to get rid of some of the energy that they've been bottling up all summer. This can dramatically improve their mood, making your life easier day-to-day.

Water Play is Emotionally Grounding

Many individuals are soothed just by being on or near the water and find it quite emotionally grounding. If you notice that you or another member of your family has just seemed out of sorts lately, it may be time to try some "water therapy". A day in the pool or on the lake can help you to destress, unwind, and relax, leaving you in a far better mood than you were. Planning regular time to hit the water with your family can be a great way to encourage everyone to manage their emotions in a healthy manner.

Build Fond Family Memories

It's hard to have memorable family moments inside in front of the television. Planning regular outdoor water events with your family throughout the summer can help ensure that you proactively make the memories you want to. Family memories don't always just spontaneously happen, but setting up a regularly scheduled pool, lake, or ocean day can help. Set up a time to hit the water with your loved ones and your favorite flotation devices, and don't forget the camera to document the occasion.

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