Water Safety Basics Everyone Should Know

Water Safety Basics Everyone Should Know

Summer memories are often made near the ocean, around the pool, or on the shores of your favorite lake. Water, sun, and summer tend to go together, but it's important to spend some time learning how to be as safe as possible while you make summer memories with your children. Whether you're playing in the pool or taking off to your favorite lake this summer, it's important that everyone who's participating understands some basic water safety rules. Teaching water safety to all members of your family can help avoid accidents and ensure that the season is full of fun in the sun.

Consider practicing the following water safety guidelines as a family:

Provide Children with Swimming Lessons
Children should be comfortable around water from a young age, and swimming lessons can help with this. A swimming instructor can help your children learn to be comfortable in the water, then teach them to be strong swimmers. Swimming is an important life skill that will help them to be safer and happier in the water as they age. Stay extremely close to your children at all times when they're near the water until you're sure they can swim on their own. In addition, any children that cannot swim should be fitted with a life jacket that is approved by the Coast Guard when they are near water.

Don't Mix Alcohol and Water
It's very easy for your judgment to become impaired quite easily when you're drinking, even if you don't realize that it has. For this reason, it's vitally important that you never mix alcohol and water play. If you're in charge of supervising children as they play on the water, you'll need to be sober throughout the day. Stick to soda or water, stay well hydrated, and have a blast playing with the children instead.

Supervise Children at All Times
While it's loads of fun for kids and adults alike to spend a day on the water enjoying iFloats, it's also extremely important that all children are carefully supervised throughout the day. Adult supervision helps limit the chances of a water accident or injury occurring and also helps ensure that everyone is playing nicely and getting along well. Careful adult supervision of all water play helps you and your children build healthy memories that can last a lifetime, playing in the water and enjoying the summer sun.

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