Choosing Your Depth – Working with Floaters and Pool Equipment for Fun Days on the Water

Choosing Your Depth – Working with Floaters and Pool Equipment for Fun Days on the Water


There's no doubt that our flotation devices are really popular with summertime fun-seekers of all ages. Kids love to push off with one of our colorful rafts, or relax on one of our big floaties. Adults can use the rafts with waterpong sets and other neat gear – we want you to enjoy your summer days.


One tip that we've found helpful in talking to our customers is the idea of choosing the depth that you put your flotation devices.


For example, take a look at some of these scenarios and how this works.


Little Learners


When your kids are young, it's really handy to limit the depth that the floaties are at, so that you don't have to watch your children like a hawk.


Supervision is always key – you have to have the right level of supervision. But keeping the floater in shallower water keeps your children safer as long as they don't try to dive. Many won't, in the learning phase, because it's especially intimidating to them. On the other hand, it's easy for a child to fall off of floatie in deeper water and struggle as a beginning swimmer.


Closed-Loop Floating


Another tip for beginning swimmers is to do your water activities in an enclosed area, rather than setting them free in, say, the Atlantic Ocean.


Ocean stuff is fun, but again, it's very, very important to be more attentive and actually have someone out in the water to help. Erring on the side of safety is never a bad idea. Especially where water is concerned.


Family Floating


Here's a neat idea. You can use one of our bigger rafts to get the whole family out on the water and relax in comfort, while you have more of an eye on your little kids.


The other thing we want to stress here is that floating in shallower water doesn't have to be less fun. It's tempting to think that you have to get your rafts out in six or eight or ten feet of water, but it really changes the things that you have to do to stay completely safe.


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