Three Must-Have Accessories for Floating Rafts

Three Must-Have Accessories for Floating Rafts


People love our big rafts and floaties – purchases like this can facilitate many days of fun in the sun, and entertainment on the water.


Some accessories really help to enhance the experience for many of our younger adventurers.


Here are some of the things that people most often choose to buy when they're investing in an oversized float for a pool or other water area.




Goggles are a simple piece of personal protective gear, but they're quite important for many kids as they play in the water. Get several pairs!


Nearly any pool has quite a bit of chlorine, unless it's a newfangled saltwater pool, and even then, the salt can be hard on the eyes. Goggles give the kid the confidence that he or she needs to go underwater, and be able to see underwater, and that makes a lot of difference, especially as people are learning to swim or expanding their comfort zone in the water.




Sure, you can slather on the sunblock, but that takes time and effort. Also, it's likely to wear off in the water pretty quickly, and then you have to reapply. Spray-on is convenient, but a lot of the chemicals end up going into people's faces, which is kind of a negative.


By having wetsuits available, you make it easier for your kids to roll out and get in the water, without getting sunburned over time. You still have areas like the face and hands to lotion up, but you don't have to work as hard on the arms or legs or chest.


Drink Holders


This last one is kind of interesting. You don't always want drink holders on a floating pool toy, because people might be doing cannonballs off of it. The key here, though, is accessories that add creativity to children's water play. Your kids might be more likely to use drink holders for building little things out of water and blocks than they would for actually putting a drink in there, but to the extent that you add features and functionality for the water, your kids can do more imaginary play if they get tired of doing log roles or in dipping their heads under.


These are some of the ways that we've seen some of our clients really enjoy our pool and floatie products. Take a look at everything that we have available to choose the gear that's best for you.