Create An Extraordinary Summer Staycation

Create An Extraordinary Summer Staycation

While most of our summer plans have been postponed or cancelled during this unprecedented time in our world’s history, we find ourselves looking for ways to create memorable family moments at home. Staycations can be as fulfilling as traveling if we put a little extra effort into making the most of our time by finding ways to add special touches to our normal daily routines.

Making Meal Time Fun

The monotony of making three meals, plus snacks, each day at home can quickly create boredom as we get stuck in our own meal planning ruts. Spice up your summer meals by creating themed nights that bring the family together in unique ways. Themes can be as simple as a having the kids help with preparing a different and new meal than you typically would make, or as over the top as decorating and dressing in your chosen themed genre.

Backyard Campout

Camping is a great way to surround yourself with nature and enjoy being in the great outdoors. Your backyard can serve as a perfect setting for a campout while keeping you close to all of the comforts of home. A tent, some sleeping bags, a few chairs, some backyard games, and of course fireside food is all you need to spend an evening in your very own private campground. Small charcoal camping grills can be used as firepits for for roasting marshmallows while telling spooky stories, and don’t forget to gaze up at the stars to look for the big dipper.

Add A New Toy

Staycations can be the perfect times for new additions to the family’s recreational toy box. Consider products that will enhance your family’s experience of activities that you already enjoy. If you love boating or spending time at the water’s edge, iFloats floating foam mats are the perfect addition to your favorite past time. These mats are made to support sitting, standing, and playing all on top of the water. Floating mats form a foundation for your family to spend countless hours enjoying floating and hanging out together on the water.

Making The Most Of Your Time Together

Creating memories together, whether at home or abroad, is what summertime is all about. Family and friends gathering for meals, finding new ways to spend time together, and having fun are the most important aspects of a successful staycation. Inspire your family to think outside of the box when it comes to turning the routine into the extraordinary.