Planning For Picnics On The Water

Planning For Picnics On The Water

Picnics come in all shapes and sizes, and what we pack to eat for a family outing to the park is far different than what we pack for a day on the water. These hot days of summer mean we are spending more time at our favorite watering holes, and keeping the family happy and full while enjoying the water and sunshine can sometimes be no easy feat.

Packing food to last a day on the water encompasses several factors that must be considered in advance to ensure you are prepared and that your family is well nourished. The beach, lake, river and springs mean an entirely different set of rules for your picnic planning, it is good to consider all of these factors before filling your basket and cooler.

Sand On Your Toes, Not On Your Food

It is important to internalize that there will be sand. Even if you are planning an entire day of boating, sand at some point is inevitable and most likely unavoidable. Even the most insignificant amount of sand can end up in everything, including your food. Packing your sandwiches and prepared foods in airtight containers can help you defend your goodies against sand contamination.

Food For Thought

Let’s face it, between the heat and humidity, food can quickly become less than desirable to eat once it has been exposed to the rigors of a day on the water. Some food holds up better than others under the unique conditions of a summer day, finding the right products to pack will ensure that your basket is emptied before you return home leaving you little to throw out.

Finger Foods

Kebab snacks that are easy to grab yet deliver more of a nutritious punch than chips and cookies will keep your family full and happy while they enjoy the days activities. Kebabs can be made the day before and served chilled right out of the cooler. Your families favorite fruits can also be assembled into Kebabs for easy pickup with their sandy and wet fingers.

Consider Where You Eat

Traditional sandbar picnics can be tricky as the sand and bugs can pose threats to the enjoyment of the food. Picnics on the water can be made extra exciting with iFloats foam floating mats. Consider snacking off of the sand and on top of the water with these super sturdy floating mats are perfect for relaxing, playing, and provide a memorable setting for your sumer picnic.

Planning Ahead Is Key

Enjoy your summer days on and off the water by taking the time to consider the unique factors of outdoor settings. Heat, humidity, sand and water all can wreak havoc on food, planning ahead with these factors in mind will ensure that your snacks are nutritious and easy to pack and eat.