Float Pads And Paddleboards

Float Pads And Paddleboards

Summer water fun is a popular type of entertainment, and there's a lot of gear that goes into the process of making your way to the beach or the lake for some much-needed R&R.


These days, lots of different kinds of water navigation are becoming very popular across the country. You have canoeing and kayaking, but you also have other types of bouyant water vehicles that don't put as much distance between you and the water. Looking at all of your options can help you to make the best choices in purchasing gear for this summer, and all of the summers after it.


Using Paddleboards


Full-sized paddleboards look a lot like parasailing equipment. You can stand on top of these guys and make your way around the water like a traditional Venice gondola man with your oar dipped into the water…


These things are fun, but they also cost hundreds of dollars. Beyond that, you'll need a roof rack or a way to tie these on to a vehicle to get it to the water. In fact, what we hear from a lot of people who use either boats or paddleboards is that storing these items and getting them from one place to another can become very troublesome over time. That’s not to say that people wish they hadn’t bought the paddleboards – but having options is always good, and sometimes when people see they can bring a basic mat to the water, something that is much more portable and user-friendly, they prefer to do that. It’s something to keep in mind as you head out to your favorite watering hole this season, hopefully with enough sunscreen and towels!


Float Pads


By contrast, our float pads are easy to transport and deliver to your local waterway. On the other hand, they're not as sturdy as a paddleboard, so you wouldn't really use them in quite the same way. However, these simple solutions can give your family hours of fun on the water. With the proper safety, float pads can be just as fun as paddleboards, if not more so. It’s worth checking out, in order to see for yourself.


Check out all of our float pads, floaties, water pong kits (these are really cool!) and much more. We are your one stop shop for water gear and cool, fun ways to entertain yourself and others while on the water. Make this summer a summer to remember!