Fun and Safe Pool Games for Kids

Fun and Safe Pool Games for Kids

Do your kids practically live in the water during the summer months? Are you constantly trying to find ways to keep your kids safe while ensuring they have a good time? If so, keep reading. Here you can find some ideas to implement to ensure your pool days are full of fun. 

Establish Ground Rules 

Kids, especially younger kids, are good with slogans and rhymes. They will probably be willing to take the lead when it comes to safety if you teach them, “it’s cool to know the rules.” Make sure you are setting guidelines that are easy to understand without being overly restrictive. 

When it comes to water rules, some basic ones you can start with include:

  • Check before jumping
  • Tell someone if there’s an accident
  • No running near the pool
  • Tell someone when you leave the pool area
  • Stay where an adult can see you

You can also implement other safety rules, such as keeping glass away from the pool, storing toys like pool floats when they aren’t being used, and other safety tips. 

You also need to focus on cleanliness. This is essential to ensure everyone has a good time while at the pool. 

Keep Things Upbeat

You don’t want to scare children. You also want to make sure they understand there are real hazards and dangers when at the pool if they don’t follow the established rules. 

Instead of painting a scary picture, try to tap into your child’s naturally competitive spirit. One way to do this is by challenging your kids to see who can go the longest without breaking any of your rules. 

You can also ask for their input. Every kid wants to feel like they are helping and share their opinion. Ask the kids to think of fun and creative ways that everyone can have fun at the pool. 

Make Sure Everyone’s on Board

Children like it when they feel like they have an important “job” to do. They also feel like they have little control in situations where they usually don’t. You can work to encourage this by having kids run through checklists of important things to consider at the pool. This includes things like wearing sunscreen, keeping pool toys and safety equipment picked up and in place, and anything else that will improve the pool day. 

Another option is to invest in swimming lessons. This is a great way to build confidence in young swimmers. It will also help ensure kids feel comfortable around the pool. 

Create a Safe Experience at the Pool

If you are like most parents, you already watch your kids closely when they are at the pool. You can take that another step by using the tips and advice above. When everyone is on board with a few rules and regulations, it means you and your kids can have a great time all while enjoying the cool water on a hot summer day. Remember, you can add your own ideas to this list to help ensure it works for your family and situation.