Floating Foam Mats Provide Opportunities For Unexpected Fun On The Water

Summer may have come to a close, but for many people who live in parts of the country that stay warm throughout the fall, water sports remain popular activities. The sun is shining, and the waterways beckon us to come out and enjoy the great outdoors before winter finally arrives. So if you are looking for new ways to enjoy the remainder of your warm-weather fun, try these ideas to add excitement to your end of season activities. 

Float In Style

Set aside your summer worn floats and grab the only flotation device you will ever need, the ‘Aquatic Mat.’ Produced by iFloats as the float for all activities, this foam mat will give you plenty of reasons to head to the water for fun and relaxation with friends and family. These floating mats are built to last with high flotation closed-cell foam and a patented high tensile center rip-stop core. These floats are the magic carpets of the water, boasting D-Rings, and Bungee Tethers for towing that creates a feeling of flying across the surface of the water. But if action isn’t your thing, these floating mats provide plenty of space for you and your friends to relax and lounge on top of any body of water. 

Floating Picnic

Because IFloats foam mats are dense enough to provide stability, you can take your lake lounging to another level by hosting an end of season floating picnic. Either tow your iFloat to a scenic spot on the water, or simply place it just out near a dock or the beach, and give your friends and family a memorable picnic. With well thought out refreshments such as individual pre-packed fare and a cooler full of your favorite drinks, you can turn your floating mat into an entertaining floating area unlike any other.  

Fish While You Float

Let’s face it, even the largest of boats can become cramped when you are fishing, especially with children. Consider rounding up the kids and towing your iFloat to your secret fishing hole. The mat offers a broader area where people can spread out, keeping fishing lines from tangling and providing room to real in the big one safely. And if the adults want to partake in serious fishing on the boat, you can always use your floating mat for play space for the kids to enjoy their time out on the water.

Liven up your end of season water activities with iFloats floating foam mats for memorable moments that have you looking forward to the next summer season.