Three Big Benefits of Using Our Large Floats

Three Big Benefits of Using Our Large Floats

At iFloats, we have a great variety of floating equipment for your pool, pond, lake, or other water experience.

One of our best sellers, though, is our collection of oversized flotation pieces, our water tables and water sofas, and all the rest.

We build these things to last, with great functionality and durable design.

Here are some reasons they are so popular with our customers.

Getting Comfortable with the Water

You might have a young person who doesn't want to just do a cannonball into the deep end of the pool right away.

In fact, that's getting more common these days. In the old days, people would talk about throwing kids into the water to get them to swim. That's not something that most of today’s parents are comfortable with – and that's an understatement. In addition, you have to practice excellent water safety to really enjoy your aquatic activities the right way. The old way doesn’t sound particularly safe. 

So one of our floaters can be a great tool for introducing your child to the water in a much kinder and more compassionate manner. With the right care and attention to water safety, you’re building a lifetime of skill and confidence. 

Adding a Fun Dimension


For more accomplished swimmers, these large floating pads are a way to make the water more fun.

Wasn't the water fun already?

Yes, but if you spent hours and hours in a pool, sometimes you just want something a little extra to do. 

These floaters are great for introducing new kinds of functionality to your water adventure – for playing all sorts of fun games, and even keeping items afloat while you're not using them. However, if you’re planning on keeping a bowl of potato chips on one, be careful – we learned from experience that it can go horribly wrong!