Tips for Choosing Towable Tubes and Tow Ropes

Tips for Choosing Towable Tubes and Tow Ropes

You can make the most of your time on the water this summer by enjoying water tubing. Towing a well-made, high-quality tube behind your boat is an activity everyone in your family can enjoy. Even better, it doesn’t matter if you are on the ocean, river, or lake, tubing provides hours of fun and excitement for young and old. 

If you are new to tubing, you may be overwhelmed by all the tube and tow rope options that are available. While some tubes can deliver a fast and exciting ride, others provide a slower and much more leisurely ride. You will find an array of tubes that can accommodate full-sized adults, and kids comfortable, but it is a good idea to check the max weight for a tube and rider limits before you put several people on the tube. 

If you want to ensure that your tubing adventure is safe and fun, keep the tips and information found here in mind. 

Getting to Know the Types of Tubes Available 

If space is an issue, you should think about purchasing a single or two-person tube. These affordable tubes are much lighter, and they won’t overwhelm the boat once they are fully inflated. There are also bigger, two-person tubes available, so be sure to check the dimensions if you require something more compact. 

If you are planning to tube with younger children, or if you riders want to do side-by-side riding, think about investing in a multi-person tube. Knowing the type of rid that your riders want is one of the key components to enjoying a carefree and fun day on the water. For first time riders, especially kids, buddy riding may be a good idea.

Tow Rope Considerations

According to information from the WSIA – Water Sports Industry Association – the tow ropes need to be a minimum of 50 feet but no more than 65 feet. If the rope is shorter than 50 feet, the tube will be towed in the crest of the wake, which will spray riders in the face. There are ropes designed for all different sizes of tubes and if the wrong one is used; it can cause serious damage. For example, if you use a tube designed for four-people and a tow rope that has been rated for a tube rated for two people, as it could cause the rope to break. 

Also, don’t try to use a tow rope if there are knots in it if it is sun-damaged, or frayed. Be sure to inspect the rope before each use to make sure the structural integrity is intact. Also, it is best to stick with ropes that are specially designed for tubing when towing any type of inflatable tube. Never use kneeboarding, wakeboard, or water ski ropes for this because they aren’t designed to handle the weight and don’t have the necessary break strength. 

Making Tubing Fun and Safe

To ensure your tubing experience is fund and safe, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. Doing so will pay off and ensure everyone has a great time on the water.