Tips to Get More Fun Out of Your Time in the Pool

Tips to Get More Fun Out of Your Time in the Pool

When the weather warms up, there is nothing more satisfying than diving into the cool, blue waters of your own outdoor pool. For many, though, the joys of owning a pool tend to fade after a few years – especially for those who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining it.

While this is true, there are things you can do to make the most of your pool time. Keep reading for some fun and exciting ideas every member of your family will love.

Underwater Videos and Photos

Taking a video or pictures under the water is something almost anyone can do today. You can purchase disposable, underwater cameras for around $10 or use your smartphone in a watertight case. These photos can make swimming, splashing, and diving even more fun. Even better, when the season ends, you have lasting memories of all the fun you had.

Add Lights

Tiki torches, fire bowls, LED pool light bulbs and so much more – when it comes to lighting your pool and the area around it, you have many options. You can even purchase glowing orbs that are designed to float around on the surface of the pool. This is a fun and dramatic way to enjoy your pool at night.

Add Some Games

Today, you can find all sorts of pool games. From volleyball and basketball to diving sticks and rings, there are more than a few games that encourage everyone to dive in. If you are having some adult pool time, why not bring out the floating beer pong game? Even kids can partake, just with juice instead of beer.

Custom Quality Floats

Having fun, colorful, and high-quality floats in the pool is another great way to have more fun in the pool. While plain blue floats are great, what is better than diving in with a flamingo or swan. There are countless options to choose from, and you can even have custom pool floats created. This is a fun way to enjoy the water and show off your personality.

Update Your Pool Furniture

While kids love to swim, parents and other adults often prefer to sit around, talk, or enjoy a drink poolside. To accommodate everyone in your pool area, upgrade your poolside furniture. Consider investing in plush, waterproof cushions, and tents or awnings to keep visitors cool.

Today, you can find an array of furniture options that are inviting, cozy, and oversized. Also, the material is made to withstand the elements. The right pool furniture may be just what you need to increase your enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Are you Ready to Have More Fun in the Pool?

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you can enjoy your time in the pool even more. There is no reason to let the sparkling oasis in your backyard go to waste. Spend more time in and around your pool by investing in the upgrades mentioned above.