Water-Beverage-Pong: Try It!

Water-Beverage-Pong: Try It!

 What is water-beverage-pong, and is it fun?

Yes. Think about taking your traditional beer-pong equipment, and setting it on the water. You can spend hours trying to impress your friends and family! It’s like bocce ball, or croquet – except it’s better. 

An American Tradition

On the land, this type of “pong” has become a pretty popular pastime.

Many college students will be familiar with the recreational game, and even older folks may have played some version of this at a party in someone's backyard.

What water-beverage-pong adds is connecting all of this to the water, which is where you want to spend most of your time during a hot summer! So while you’re hanging out in the pool, or on your local waterway, you can be playing a game, too, getting to know the folks around you and testing their ping pong ball throwing ability. 

How it Works

With water-beverage-pong, our custom-made floating pong sets are your stations. The table is one of our large flat floaters that acts as a floating water table. (It can also act as a floating futon!)

Of course, this activity traditionally started as beer-pong, but if you don't like the idea of cramming yourself full of some sort of hoppy brew, you can use whatever you want. That's why we call it water-beverage-pong. Some diet-minded people like to use tomato juice or orange juice, or some other healthier option. Some people will use tonic water – although some others would say that’s a pretty bland pong. 

You can use vintage scotch if you want – that's up to you.

These water-beverage-pong sets are great for on the go, at a party, or at the beach, or anywhere you happen to be where you can comfortably get into the water and cool down on a hot summer day. It’s a great social ice-breaker and a way to spend your time enjoying the summer season. And it’s something you’ll want to keep with your noodles and boogie-boards and other equipment until you can use it again. 

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